Fitness studio for dogs

Our Tasks

  1. To determine the place of a potential service in the perception of dog owners living in Kharkiv
  2. Identify potential motives and drivers for the purchase of the service
  3. Describe the main fears and barriers of the CA before using the service
  4. Develop recommendations on the organization of the functioning of the service and its promotion

Research design

Research location - Kharkiv.

The object of the research is dog owners who are ready to use the service.

Research subject – features of perception of fitness clubs for dogs by its target audience.
The purpose of the research is to identify the features of positive and negative perception of fitness clubs for dogs
Research method — in-depth and expert interviews


In the course of the study, it was determined that there is a very weak differentiation of services in the Kharkiv animal care market. A significant part of them are provided by the same institutions or specialists of a wide profile. Dog owners themselves have a superficial idea of the full range of services for their pets.

We have divided the existing services for dogs and their owners on the Kharkiv market into categories by prevalence and proximity to owners. It turned out to systematize them into the following groups:
  • Required;
  • Situational;
  • Desirable;
  • Excess /Niche;
It is not possible to accurately determine the place of a fitness club for dogs in this classification for obvious reasons: this service is in active memory (that is, less than a quarter of respondents – both dog owners and experts - remembered about it on their own); in passive memory (that is, they remembered after a “hint”) about half of the respondents. That is, stable and widespread patterns of perception of this service separately from other services have not been found.
The study also identified the motives and drivers of the potential audience:
  • Physical growth of dogs and socialization;
  • Compensation for lack of attention to the animal;
  • Preparation for exhibitions and competitions;
  • Working with the physical activity needs of some breeds;
  • New experience;
  • Weight loss for dogs;
  • The status of the service;
  • Dog pool;
  • Recovery after injuries;

A parallel survey of Central Asian representatives and experts showed a significant overlap of their opinions, therefore it made no sense to divide them into separate subgroups.

After that, we analyzed the fears and pains of a potential target audience. Identified the following:
  • High cost;
  • An unfamiliar place and an unusual society of dogs;
  • Strangers;
  • Potential aggression among dogs;
  • Heterogeneity of dog breeds and their sizes;
  • Injuries and the potential for illnesses;
  • The possibility of accidental mating, aggression due to estrus;
  • Fear of dogs moving in a car to a fitness club;
  • Fear that the dog will not be given enough time;

Based on the data obtained, CJM was formed and segmentation by JTBD of clients was made, the main promotion channels were determined, and the analysis of the service market in Google, Facebook and Instagram was carried out.

Organizational recommendations along with marketing recommendations were also given as part of the study.

The service

Marketing research


Fitness studio for dogs

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