Our Tasks

The mission was quite trivial - attracting new clients to the services of the yoga studio.


While working on the project, we had to deal with the old format of the customer base, which made it difficult to qualify and process them.

The logic of the landing page structure was also violated, which, in turn, negatively affects the conversion rate to the application. 

A large loss of applications was caused by the fact that they fell into Tilda's built-in CRM system.

Sales funnels were not prescribed and traffic attraction channels were not set up.


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The solution

  1. Configured and integrated a modern CRM-system based on AmoCRM
  2. Integrated sales scripts for front-office and processing department employees, as well as training of using the CRM-system.
  3. Set up Binotel ip-telephony and connected Calltracking
  4. Adjustments were made to the website to increase conversion rates.
  5. Integrated the online-shop functions with related products
  6. Developed discount offers that are interesting to potential consumers
  7. Created the sales funnel
  8. In accordance with the funnels we configured the paid sources of traffic: Contextual, targeting and advertising in the Google Android applications.
  9. Developed creatives for advertising campaigns 
  10. Analyzed the studio's workload and accordingly modified the class schedule to make the most efficient use of trainers' time
  11. We have implemented a chat-bot to work on the initial objections and to comfort clients, to inform them about the frequently asked questions
  12. Designed and implemented an online product


The work significantly improved the usability of the site and reached an average viewing time of two minutes.


Grew up organic traffic, which shows the increased popularity of the studio


The cost of selling a subscription dropped from $35 to $15


Now the project is in its current stage and works are being done to increase performance and optimize business processes, which, we hypothesize, should lead to an increase in net income of the company.

The service

Marketing Strategy



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