Volkhov: manufacturing

Our Tasks

The most important task set for the agency: To find one large client (the volume of purchases from 1t per week) in Kiev and Dnipro for further mutually beneficial cooperation with a large client..

Preceding actions

  • Interviewed current clients. Based on the interview, a marketing kit was created, which covers most of the questions of potential partners.
  • To the fullest analyzed the interaction funnel and all the business processes associated with it.
  • Integrated a qualification system for dealers.
  • We segmented potential leads. Define the Diller channels

The solution

The search took place on the Internet: through catalogs, job search sites. We also enabled targeted advertising, search and display advertising on Google. In the course of the work, the possibilities of searching through state registers based on the target OKVED dealers were used, among other things. We took on the task of processing and qualifying leads. Each of the potential clients passed through our interaction funnel:


— Primary contacts;

Product test: an example of the product was sent to potential customers so that they could verify the quality and product advantages on their own experience;

— Trial batch;

— Full-fledged cooperation;


Received and processed 105 contacts of potential customers.

We have agreed to cooperate with 6 qualified clients who are suitable for the task.

During the processing of leads, 6 customers interested in small wholesale were identified. Before that, the company had not considered cooperation with this type of client.

Having analyzed the business processes associated with working in this format, we have developed a profitable scheme for the company to work with small wholesale suppliers

potential customers
percentage of conversion to collaboration from the lead

The service

Marketing Strategy



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